When it comes to writing, I am always looking for free resources. Websites, blogs, eBooks, whatever I can get my virtual hands on to help improve all the facets of my writing.

For the purpose of this post, I’m including resources that boast tips, advice, exercises, and free materials for copywriters… There’ll be more for creative topics later, I promise 😉

Because let’s face it: knowledge is power, and when you build your writing knowledge, your words become that much more powerful. And besides, everyone loves free stuff, right?

The following list is comprised of blogs/sites that I’ve found useful. They offer valuable tips, tricks, and other resources for all us copywriters who are looking to keep getting better. Enjoy 🙂


This is, by far, my most treasured resource. With a compilation of free eBooks, articles, and even writing courses, CopyBlogger has become a favorite resource of mine. You will need a membership, but it’s free to sign up, and you’ll get email updates periodically. Definitely worth more than a second glance!


This is a new one for me, but offers no less when it comes to improving your copywriting skills. Courtesy of Matt Ambrose, you’ll get the skinny on everything copywriting–including SEO copywriting, website conversion, using video in your copy, and email marketing.


CopyHackers offers posts on all things related to online copywriting. You’ll find resources like eBooks and writing courses as well as a valuable blog readily updated with all sorts of tips for improving your online writing.


Courtesy of direct marketing copywriter John Forde, this blog features posts to help with online copywriting, sales, internet marketing, and more. You’ll find how-to courses, book lists, free reports, and printable articles to keep on hand.



The Rant is the official blog of legendary copywriter John Carlton. With blog posts centered on and around online copywriting, he also offers consultations, reports, books, and event lists, just in case you’ve an interest in seeing him firsthand.

NickUsborneNick Usborne’s site offers information on all things copywriting, as well as newsletters, articles, programs, and consulting.


So get your web writing on with these troughs full of pertinent information that every copywriter can use. Apply it, practice it, and test it out. Keep improving and building on everything you do!